New position: Senior Research Officer at University of Essex’s Human Rights Centre

On July 11th 2016 I will began my post at the University of Essex as a senior research officer. I will will contribute to The Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project, which is organized by the University of Essex’s Human Rights Centre, one of the oldest and most highly regarded HR centres in the world. The project analyses the implications of big data from a human rights perspective. Particular attention is paid to how Big Data enables various forms of surveillance creating both threats to and opportunities to protect human rights.

As senior research officer, I conduct qualitative research examining how various agencies, particularly law enforcement agencies, use big data technologies. Qualitative research has been organized across a range of international research sites including locations in UK, India, US, Germany, and Brazil. Primary data gathering strategies include long-form semi-structured interviews and participant observation.

I am excited about this new opportunity and look forward to conducting cutting research with an interdisciplinary team of experts in the fields of human rights studies, law, sociology, health, and media.

Author: theajayblog

I hold a doctorate degree in sociology and specialise in qualitative criminological research. My research interests include surveillance and policing. My most recent research project is entitled The Police on Camera and examines the intersection of surveillance and legal authority, with a twist. Rather than exploring police officers’ use of surveillance cameras to monitor criminal behaviour, I research the use of cameras to monitor police, and the experiences of police officers in the “surveillance society.” My research has led to many publications which offer insights into the politics of the police’s growing visibility.

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