E20 in the Spring

9 weeks until I leave London for my professorship in Toronto. I want to make the absolute best of my time here in London. That doesn’t just mean having fun, but getting in touch with my environment. Photography is one of the best ways to do this in my opinion, otherwise I find myself taking my surroundings for granted. No where is this more true than in my immediate surroundings in the East Village near Stratford Station. I’m glad I’ve taken some time to look around with my camera in hand, b/c this area is gorgeous (esp. now that we have some spring weather).

Photography Portobello Road

It is one of the most unique and beautiful spots in London *some* of the residents know it. Aware of the marketing opportunities that tourists with instagram can provide, some residents seem to organise their homes and vehicles to encourage photography and to produce the best pictures. Other residents hate the tourists and others couldn’t care less and park their cars in the way of the best pictures b/c they have the right to. Despite that, I never leave the Portobello without a my share of great shots. The best part, the area is very close to parks and pubs, encouraging a full day exploring travelling London and taking pictures:

Photography in Camden Town

London has yet to fail me. My academic career gives me the opportunity to explore the city, finding new cafes and libraries from which to work on papers and research analysis, and London seems to never run out of new areas for me to work from. Today I made my way to Camden Town, a rock-n-roll style vibe and a beautiful market made for a supply of street food to try and architecture to photography:

Photography in Neil’s Yard

I visited a little alley in London known as Neil’s Yard. The spot is next to Covent Garden stands out for its vibrant colours, hippie-vibe, and beauty. Apparently, it was started in 1976 to support a bulk food store and has since developed in an alley that is both a residential spot and known for its health and food stores as well as a few cafes.

The area is absolutely gorgeous, almost every little detail seemingly has a story to share.

Photography in Wivenhoe

I was pretty skeptical about Wivenhoe which I mistakenly characterised as nothing else but a small-town and boring place. I, as a big city person, will probably never want to live in Wivenhoe, but I have grown to enjoy its architecture, its life style, and the open and friendly community it seems to have created for itself. As far as the architecture is concerned, here is some what I am talking about:

Photography in Toronto

I’ve spent the last few weeks at home in Toronto enjoying the holidays with my family. It has been an especially cold winter – I don’t remember a Christmas this snowy and cold since I was in grade school (which has been a while). But, I didn’t let that stop me from exploring the city and snapping a few photos. The cold sucks … really sucks … but Toronto is a beautiful city with a lot to offer

Photography in Paris

I visited Paris this week and over about 5 days my relationship with a the city ebbed and flowed from extremes to shoulder shrugs. More than anything else, that probably reflects just how much the Paris has to offer. As a “world city,” a resident can find just about anything they want from unique historical landmarks to modern engineering marvels to culturally specific foods to a different and complex lifestyle.

Parisian’s architecture and food were by far the most interesting to me. As planned, I had my share of fancy wines, cheeses, and chocolates and, as expected, they were spectacular. I can tell that my palate has developed as the thought of cheddar cheese from the local food market no longer brings me the excitement it once did. Instead crave the Camembert or a Brie de Meaux with a sip of wine and a French made bread. In fact, the thought of those three ingredients mixed with a TV set and my partner is, at least for now (a preface worth making as I have just come back from Paris and can be pretty fickle), my version of heaven.

Overall, I had a great time – mostly when I could settle down with some fantastic cheese and bread, and stare at some architecture while reading a book. I didn’t need much of the fancy fashions or the shows. Here are some pictures of the architecture that stood out the most: